Food vans

TRIKE IDEA provide different type of trailers, such as BEVERAGE trailers, ICE CREAM trailers and other trailers.

Theese trailers makes posibility to serve fresh food, refreshing drinks and hot coffee or tea anytime, anywhere. You should know, that we can offer:

  • Trailers, which are liked by street-food lovers and by business people.
  • Quality and mobile products for flexible business.
  • Creative ideas, different, unique projects.
  • Easily transported to any location in any time.
  • Included all necessary equipment and inventory: waterproof furniture with storage shelf, fresh water container, removable waste container, sink with hot and cold water, internal and external lights and others.
  • Products with various options such as grill plates, freezer, video monitoring system and others.
  • Used to prepare and sell fast food: pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, other snacks, beer, refreshing drinks, coffe, tea.

Mobile food industry is growing up. Now it is like new trend, so you should choose the right decision. You should think about the vans for food. TRIKE IDEA can offer a unique design, so your van will be visible in any event, festival, park, tourist location and other place, crowded by people.


The commercial trailer for fast food trade.It's unique design  and decision products , easily transported to any location. Any time you can change the trade place. In trailers you will find all the inventory for autonomous work. Trailer can be produced according to customer needs, changes in design, create your individual trade mark. These mobile food trailers suitable for commercial fast food (hotdog and hamburger) trade beer and refreshing drinks, etc.With the production of the...

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